The Bloom Studio

Behind my house, sits a beautiful little studio. All matter of things waiting to be created, discovered, healed, and experienced in this gorgeous gem of a space. Everyday, I hear it’s call. A new floor. A new practice. Maybe a new loft and lighting. A new business. A place to create, love, manifest, believe, experience, dream, wonder, design, write, knit, heal, draw, paint, and to sprinkle profuse amounts of glitter on things.

Prosperity, abundance, and joy.

I had a dream once where my body bloomed with layers of peonies, ranging from the palest of pinks to the deepest of purples. My veins opened and glowed, wrapping around my limbs like vines. or snakes. or snake vines. Everything pulsing with life and regeneration. Each new sprout, a gift. Growth upon growth upon growth turning me into my own thriving ecosystem. When I woke up, I knew I would never be the same. To this day, I can viscerally recall the feeling of my body in the fullest, most profound state of bloom.

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